Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC delivers procured medical goods to a women comprehensive harm reduction centre supported by the Kingdom of Norway


24 May 2022- UNODC delivers medical goods procured under the gracious funding received from the Kingdom of Norway to the Noor-e Sepid-e Hedayat CSO working in the Shoush Area in the South of Tehran in collaboration with the Iranian Drug Control headquarters (DCHQ). 

Noor-e Sepid-e Hedayat CSO had earlier been identified by the DCHQ for receiving additional support from the UNODC with aim of improving services for women who use drug in Iran.  Most statistics estimate that women comprise a specific proportion among drug users. The major illicit drugs of abuse among population in the region are opiates, such as opium and heroin, but there has been an increase in crystal methamphetamine use among women who use drugs. Given the significant evidence that women who use drugs become addicted to them at a faster rate than men, this trend is especially concerning. Women who use drugs are at a higher risk of contracting HIV than the general population.

In collaboration with the DCHQ, UNODC is supporting “Improving drug use treatment programmes for women” funded by the Kingdom of Norway. The funded set of activities include components on improving: case-management and psychosocial support programmes, integrated treatment of concurrent substance use and mental health disorders, motivational interviewing, rehabilitation in the context of day-clinic services, overdose management and cooperation with CSOs.

The procured medical items include: a Stretcher for medical examination, wheelchairs for the disabled and weak patients, items for medical examinations, equipment and medication for the emergency trolley, HIV rapid tests, condoms, child care items and COVID Omicron rapid tests.

The Noor-e Sepid-e Hedayat Institute Comprehensive Harm Reduction Centre located in District 12 of Tehran was founded in 2009 and works under the auspices of the Iranian State Welfare Organisation. The premises of the centre have been provided by the Tehran municipality. Noor-e Sepid-e Hedayat provides support care, education and training as well as vocational training to its clients. A variety of free, round-the-clock services to vulnerable women and their children such as drop-in centre services, shelter for sleeping in the night, women employment empowerment and outreach services.