Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC Iran procured and delivered bakery/confectionary workshop equipment to women center in Kerman


UNODC delivered bakery/confectionary equipment items procured under the gracious funding received from the Kingdom of Norway to the Kerman Women’s Empowerment Center for improved women’s employment CSO in collaboration with the Iranian Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ).

Kerman women’s empowerment centre CSO had earlier been identified by the DCHQ for receiving additional support from the UNODC with the aim of improving services for women who use drugs in Iran.

The Kerman Women’s Empowerment Center for improved women’s employment was established in 2016 and so far, has provided services to more than 260 recovered women by providing treatment and after-quit services, job creation, and social reintegration services. The centre requested support in starting a bakery/confectionary workshop to support the recovered women drug users by providing them with the opportunity to become socially integrated by having a job and support themselves and their dependents by having an income.

Generally, women with substance use problems have fewer resources (education, employment, income) than men, have care of dependent children and have more severe problems. The problem of women’s use of substances is heavily stigmatized and cultural norms may make it difficult for women to acknowledge such a problem. Therefore, programme organization and setting are important aspects of planning and developing programmes for women to tackle the stigma and support recovered women drug users’ integration into the society.

UNODC continues to support Iranian partners and according to their request and in line with its mandates. COIRA has supported procurement of bakery/confectionary items for producing confectionary. The bakery workshop will provide the opportunity for recovered women drug users to have a job and an income.  UNODC Iran under its Country Partnership Programme in the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to support the national partners in developing technical capacities of similar NGOs in providing all-round services to target population affected by the drugs.