Meeting proposed solutions against cybercrimes

Foto: UNIS13 april 2010 - The first meeting of the 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and criminal Justice Committee II dealt with an recently issue at the authorities report: the internet crimes, or cybercrimes. Among the countries representatives attending the meeting, a agreement: the inability to eradicate cybercrime without unify policies to combat and repression.

The moot point of discussion was the acceptance of a digital divide between North and South. "The hosting of websites outside the countries where the crime occur creates a barrier for punishment. Every country has its laws and physical boundaries contribute to impunity', said Romeu Tuma Júnior, national Secretary of Justice of the Ministry of Justice. We also discussed solutions to eradicate network crime, such as identify theft, forgery and theft of bank details.

"This kind of crime has grown, it has became a source of quick profit, scored a representative of the argentine delegation. Saudi Arabia, in turn, noted the need for qualified people to work in the cyber security area. United States recalled the strength of Budapest Convention, an agreement signed in 2001, which was the first initiative in the www (world wide web) crimes. At the end, Cuba suggested to penalize countries that refuse to enforce laws punishing cyber offenders.

Source: Brazilian National Justice Secretariat

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