Brazil launches XII National Drug Week

Photo: ABr21 June 2010 - The President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, launched on Monday (21) the XII National Drug Week. Created in 1999, the National Drug Week aims to stimulate the debate about the risks and consequences of illicit drug abuse, and also to promote the development of public policies on this issue. In the 2010 edition, it brings the theme "Youth in the Prevention of Drug Use".

Due to its increasing spread in recent years in Brazil, crack receives a special focus on the National Drug Week. "We must wage a war without pity or mercy against crack, either in cities or across borders", the president said at the opening ceremony. "Nowadays, crack is a serious problem because it has arrived in the poorest population and also in small towns. We have to give a demonstration of our ability to cope it", he added.

During the ceremony, a technical cooperation agreement was signed between the Institutional Security Cabinet of the Presidency and the National Judiciary Council, with the goal of bringing the theme for discussion among judges, civil servants and members of the multidisciplinary teams that act in the special criminal courts and the courts specialized in children and youth. The idea is that civil servants, conciliators, social workers, psychologists, educators and other employees of the Judiciary may advise and inform users and addicted about the available resources, since the first contact until the conduction to the treatment and social reintegration network.

At the ceremony, the winners of the photography, jingles, posters and papers contests were awarded. This year, there were about ten thousand entries by participants from all over the country in the contests promoted by the National Drug Policy Secretariat (SENAD).

The National Drug Week is held between June 19 and 26, mobilizing the members of the National Drug Policy System (SISNAD) in Brazilian states and municipalities, aiming to build awareness in the population about the risks of drug abuse.

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