Experts on drug policy in Latin America meet in Rio de Janeiro

August 17, 2010 - A year of the I Latin American Conference on Drug Policy, the debate on trafficking, consumption, decriminalization and government policies have become more important in the entire region.
This year the II Latin American Conference on Drug Policy, on August 26 and 27, will gather experts from thirteen countries, including academics, officials and activists. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
Among the topics to be discussed are geopolitical and drug trafficking, decriminalization and alternative treatment, Human Rights, prevention policies, care and the place of drug users in the agenda of United Nations agencies. The experts will also address issues such as comprehensive care, socio-cultural context and legislative reforms in the region.

The Second Latin American Conference on Drug Policy, organized by Intercambios, of Argentina, and Psychotropic, from Brazil, brings together over thirty speakers, including the UN regional representative on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Bo Mathiasen, the representative of the Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction of Portugal, Manuel Cardoso, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Ecuador, José Serrano Salgado, the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelman, the Secretary of Drug Policy of Argentina, Mónica Cuñarro, the representative of the Programme of Support to Social Control over the Production of the Coca Leaf in Bolivia, Molina Reynaldo Salvatierra, representatives of the Ministry of Health of Brazil, Pedro Gabriel Godinho Delgado and Mariangela Simão, in addition the experts Luis Astorga, from Mexico, and Francisco Thoumi, from Colombia, among others. For more information click here.

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