Japanese donations intermediated by UNODC are implemented in Argentina

The Convivir Foundation started to implement the project "Prevention in Action" financed by UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), at the community restaurant El Pastorcito, located in  Lucchetti-Villa Rosa Neighborhood- Pilar Admisnistrative Area- Buenos Aires Province.

The project financing started with the initiative of the NGO Drug Abuse Prevention Center (DAPC) Tokyo, where young people go to the streets, companies and civil society organizations asking for donations. After gathering them, the donations are transferred to UNODC in Vienne, which annually selects NGOs from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe to receive the contribution. To read the previous news on the subject click here.

This project has as its strategic goal the prevention and the full assistance of drug abusers, promoting health, education and citizenship strengthening of the population for its active social inclusion.

The project has as its specific goals:

1.Teaching skills for life to every children, teachers, school directors and parents involved and called for the execution of the project.

2.Capacitating the directors and teachers on violence and abuse prevention.

3.Strengthening bonds between the families and the schools where children attend.

4.Guiding ways of communication and adequate non-violent conflict resolution in the schools as well as in the family.

5.Guiding school teachers, directors and families on how to respond to the presence of use and/or abuse of substances among the students and/or young people.

Since 2006, the Convivir Foundation runs different projects  at the community restaurant "El Pastorcito". This restaurant is attended by children, teenagers and women in a vulnerable social situation, and, over there, they receive daily lunch, shelter and other services.

Among them:

  • Literacy to women, supported by the Argentina Department of Education.
  • School support for children that attend the restaurant.
  • Anti-flu vaccination campaigns with the support of the Senofi Pasteur Laboratory.
  • Workshops of awareness, about the importance of vaccination.
  • Workshop of fabric and sewing for women.
  • Soccer for children

Through this new project of Prevention in Action we aim to aware, support and facilitate the critical thinking  regarding the naturalization and/or denial of drug use problematic among groups of women that attend the restaurant, installing the prevention before the  use among young people happens and/or the aknowledgment of the abuse when it has already taken place.

Family is one of the most important socialization environments,  but in its current desestructuralization scenario  the mother figure gains relevance in zones of exclusion, social vunerability and precarization of labor. That's where we intend to intervene since conscientization, generating alternatives of knowledge to the acceptation and understanding of the problematic.

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