Yuri Fetodov and Minister Soledad Quiñónez

UNODC Executive Director receives Minister of SENAC in Vienna

Vienna, October 14 2014 - The Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Yury Fedotov, received today, for the first time, the Minister of Paraguay's National Anti-corruption Secretariat (SENAC), Soledad Quiñónez, in Vienna, Austria.

Minister Quiñónez welcomed UNODC for the support provided for the institutional strengthening of SENAC as well as for the cooperation with Paraguay to establish a strategy for Transparency, Integrity and Anti-Corruption in the Executive branch. Quiñónez also highlighted the support of UNODC to strength the technical capacity of public servants on transparency and anti-corruption, in different units of the executive branch.

Fedotov emphasized the presence of the Minister in Vienna and appreciated the participation of the Paraguayan delegation in the sessions of the UNCAC Implementation Review Group, which was also held in Vienna. Fedotov said that the mission to Austria demonstrates the interest and the importance that the Paraguayan government has granted to the following and compliance of the UN Convention against Corruption.

The Executive Secretary welcomed the National Government for the diligence shown in the implementation of the convention and for the warm reception received by the Review Group on the Application of the Convention when they visited Paraguay. He mentioned that all national authorities showed to be opened to the Implementation Review Group ​​during the evaluation of the compliance with the Convention. Fedotov also said that UNODC will continue to support Paraguay due to the interest and responsibility showed by the Government on the implementation of the Convention.

Minister Quiñónez was accompanied by the Paraguayan ambassador to Austria, Horacio Nogues Zubizarreta and the SENAC's Director of Transparency and Prevention, Ariel Ojeda.

* With information from Paraguay's National Anti-Corruption Secretariat (SENAC)

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