UNODC Brazil promotes Update Course on Pre-trial Detention Hearings for judges in the state of Ceará

Brasília, 22 February, 2022 - From 21 to 25 February, UNODC Brazil held the Update Course on Pre-trial Detention Hearings for magistrates from the Court of Justice of Ceará (TJCE).

The initiative seeks to improve judicial performance in pre-trial detention hearings.

The course took place at the Superior Magistrate School of the State of Ceará (ESMEC) and addressed topics such as social protection, decision-making, and data management and governance in the pre-trial detention hearing.

The opening session was attended by members of the Monitoring and Inspection Department (DMF/CNJ), the National Internal Affairs/CNJ, TJCE and ESMEC. On that occasion, the expansion and consolidation of pre-trial detention hearings from 2015 to 2022 were discussed.

The initiative is being carried out under the Fazendo Justiça program, a partnership between UNODC, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety (MJSP).

The course aims to provide members of the TJCE judiciary with updates on the pre-trial detention hearing, based on the advances that have ensured its implementation nationwide, in a solid and increasingly uniform manner. The course proposes a complete course on the most relevant topics related to pre-trial detention hearing, such as decision-making, social protection, preventing and fighting torture, cross-cutting themes (including thematic resolutions of the National Justice Council), and management and data governance.


21 Feb (Monday)

Opening of the event (30 min)       


Control of the act in the pre-trial detention hearings (3:00 pm)

Representatives of DMF/CNJ, National Internal Affairs/CNJ, TJCE, ESMEC


Nereu Giacomolli (PUCRS)

22 Feb (Tuesday)

Social protection in the pre-trial detention hearings (3:30 pm)

Ana Carolina Bartolamei Ramos (TJPR)

23 Feb (Wednesday)

Decision-making in the Pre-trial Detention Hearings (3:30 pm)

Lorena Alves Ocampos (TJDFT)

24 Feb (Thursday)

Transversal themes(3:30 pm)

Melina Miranda (DMF) and Caroline Tassara (DPRJ/DMF)

25 Feb (Friday)

Data management and governance in the pre-trial detention hearings (2:00 pm) 

Vinícius Couto (UNODC/PNUD/ CNJ) 



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