Police Station Anti Narcotics Force  Gwadar Upgraded



24 August 2017, Gwadar - Cesar Guedes Country Representative UNODC Pakistan today inaugurated Police Station ANF Gwadar. The Police Station has been constructed with the support and friendship of Canada and Japan.

Speaking at the occasion, Representative UNODC Mr. Guedes  said  "The project will directly impact many existing and emerging challenges posed by drugs in the country and the region. The ANF Police Station in Gwadar complements deployment of the ANF at Dalbandin and Hub. Such strategic initiatives would enhance ANF's capacity to detect, interdict and investigate illicit drug trafficking". He also highlighted that the project contributes to the vision of creating "A safer community, free from the threats posed by illicit narcotics trafficking and transnational organized crime. Through this capacity building initiative, we envisage enhancing the ANF's operational capacities astride the main trade route culminating at Gwadar. With its close proximity to the drug trafficking routes emanating from Afghanistan and crossing into Pakistan, we look forward to continuing our close technical support to the ANF and other Pakistani law enforcement agencies through provision of specialized training and equipment".

Force Commander ANF Balochistan Brig Bilal Javed thanked UNODC and the Governments of Canada and Japan for the support to augment ANF's capacity to combat drug trafficking. "The police stations constructed at Hub, Dalbandin and Gwadar will positively impact efforts by ANF to fight the scourge of drug trafficking effectively".

Addressing counter-narcotics through an interagency approach, the new ANF operational facilities in Gwadar, Hub and Dalbandin will enhance the larger interagency communication network between the ANF and other law enforcement agencies including the Frontier Corps, Pakistan Customs, Federal Investigation Agency and civil administration. The Police Station Gwadar includes offices, an operations room, an e-Learning training facility and living accommodation. Necessary power backup has been provided through installation of 6.5 KVA solar panels.