Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

– linking 8 countries in the West and Central Asia

The UNODC Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Coun­tries is UNODC's key mechanism to support the countries of West and Cen­tral Asia to develop regional and international joint responses to counter the harmful impact of illicit narcotics trafficking and transnational orga­nized crime on security, governance and social and economic development. When launched in December 2011, it represented the first major initiative to focus on building cooperation between the countries in the immediate region neighbouring Afghanistan. In launching the programme, UNODC, in partnership the eight member countries recognised that the greatest impact on the illicit drugs, crime and security challenges in the region could be achieved through an integrated region­al response alongside dedicated contributions of the international community based on principles of shared responsibility. Since its launch both member and donor countries have shown strong commitment, support and political will to work together to address the region's drug and crime challenges.


Major Threats



Our Solutions

  • Strengthen cooperation and joint action between Pakistan and the countries of West and Central Asia in countering drug and precursor trafficking and all forms of transnational organized crime.
  • Supporting peer-to-peer cooperation and sharing best practices within the region in UNODC's mandate areas including: drug prevention and treatment, cooperation in legal matters, criminal justice issues, and research and policy development.
  • Building capacity through multi-country training and workshops and supporting intra-regional training.


Major Outcomes

  • Increased information sharing and multi-country operations and investigations.
  • Enhanced regional cooperation on countering drugs and crime, illicit financial flows, cybercrime, asset recovery, human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.
  • Stronger regional mechanisms and capacities to address trafficking and transnational crime in all its forms.


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