Break the Corruption Chain - International Anti Corruption Day

Islamabad, 9 December 2014, Pakistan observed the International Anti-corruption Day with a ceremony organised by the National Accountability Bureau at the President House. The ceremony had participants from different areas of work including Federal Ministers, Governors, Civil Society, members from the International Diplomatic Corps, representatives of Judiciary and the Media. 

H.E. President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain presided over the conference and inaugurated a commemorative stamp with a anti-corruption message on it. During the ceremony, Mr. Cesar Guedes, Country Representative UNODC (among other speakers) delivered a speech on the importance of combatting the scourge of corruption and acknowledged the importance of adopting and implementing the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in its true spirit. 

President Mamnoon while emphasising the importance of eradicating corruption also highlighted that Pakistan improved its ranking in the Corruption Index published by Transparency International. 

Other speakers including senior government officials acknowledged UNODC's role in coordinating the UNCAC review being the secretariat to UNCAC and to the Conference of State Parties (CoSP).

Additional activities organised by UNODC Pakistan for 9th December included a week long of branding in collaboration with UNDP and the National Accountability Bureau, this included anti-corruption messages on banners and streamers hung over at different points in the city.  

Informative radio shows and TV interviews were organised in which panellists spoke about the importance of implementing UNCAC and raised awareness about the convention along with highlighting this year's anti-corruption theme "Break the corruption chain".


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