Consultative Workshop on " Rule of Law Roadmaps - Promoting Strategic Synergies across Provinces" 



6th August 2018, Bhurban - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the British High Commission, organized a one-day Consultative Workshop on "Rule of Law Roadmaps - Promoting Strategic Synergies across Provinces" on 06 August 2018 in Bhurban.  This workshop is the first inter-province consensus on how to implement rule of law reforms.

Given the complexity of reform challenge at hand especially difficulties in streamlining justice service delivery, it is important for all the relevant stakeholders to cooperate. No one institution can solve the challenges in the justice system on its own. The Roadmaps produced in Punjab, Balochistan and KP, and the one currently under development in Sindh, provide the mechanism to focus reform efforts across all key stakeholders within a Province on the achievement of a handful of prioritized results, which citizens will value.

Dr. Muhammad Raheem Awan, Secretary, Law and Justice Commission was among the prominent guests, he indicated in his speech crucial areas of reforms related to the delivery of justice. The Chief Guest, Mr. Shaukat Javed, Home Minister, Punjab, highlighted in his opening remarks, the importance of bringing confidence among the citizens of Pakistan. Prominent participants from Police, forensics, prosecutions, parole and probation and the judiciary from Balochistan, KP, Punjab and Sindh emphasized the value of strong cross-institutional engagement in securing buy-in to the Roadmap processes, and the promising platform this provides for implementation.  While Balochistan, KP and Punjab have developed their Rule of Law Roadmaps, Sindh confirmed their roadmap will be completed by the end of the year.

A panel discussion chaired by Mr. Tariq Khosa, Senior Rule of Law Expert, UNODC, followed his opening remarks, during which senior representatives from each province presented their strategic targets and the governance structure to implement them. A case study exercise followed, helping the participants to build a common and practical understanding on how to implement long-term coordinated and sustainable reforms.

At the end of the workshop members of the Provincial governments, judiciary and civil society from Balochistan, KP, Punjab and Sindh agreed on the importance of rule of law roadmap implementation plans. They all underscored that giving priority to key results is the only means to deliver better justice to all citizens of Pakistan. Furthermore, they acknowledged the usefulness of sharing information, lessons learned and good practices and recommended to hold such forums twice a year.  In this context, Balochistan, volunteered to host the next consultative workshop on the Rule of Law Roadmaps in January 2019.