UNODC has been working in various forms in Pakistan for over 35 years.  The UNODC Country Office in Pakistan works with the Government of Pakistan (GOP), civil society stakeholders and partners to help address Pakistan's development challenges, specifically in relation to drug and crime issues.

In order to ensure that UNODC's support is clearly directed towards agreed strategic priorities, the 2010-2014 Country Programme Strategy (CP) was prepared by UNODC in partnership with the GOP. Together, the GOP and UNODC developed mutually agreed outcomes that: complement whole of Government national programmes; assist Pakistan to achieve its international commitments to drug and crime control; and engage UNODC mandate areas.

The development process, which began in late 2009, was built around mapping exercises, strategic consultations with the GOP and donors, as well as a series of baseline assessments and analytical briefs. It is important to note however, that the CP is not a static document, but rather a dynamic document that can be adapted as it is implemented.