Crime Scene Units Gujrat Police  

United Nations office on Drugs and Crime in partnership with the Gujrat Police (Punjab) started implementing training of the first responders to improve the preservation and protection of crime scenes. UNODC have already provided Mobile Crime Scene Investigation Unit to Gujrat Police, in continuous engagement with DPO Gujrat, UNODC mobilised to develop teams for crime scene protection for all 23 Police Stations of Gujrat, Syed Ali Mohsin (DPO Gujrat) graciously allocated 23 Motorbike and personnel for specifically crime scene unit designated to all police station ensuring the crime scene response is improved and preservation and protection of crime  scenes. UNODC facilitated the first responder training to all personnel and provided 450 First Responder Kits and 24 Crime Scene Investigation kits to Gujrat Police. The effort is being done with support of Government of Norway.

UNODC will continue its support  to improve Punjab Police Capacity and provide technical assistance on modern lines in various sections included evidence collection, preservation of crime scene, forensic science and completion of legal proceedings.