Drugs & Precursors Identification Training for Law Enforcement Agencies in Sindh

Karachi, 08 December 2016, A three day training course on Drugs and Precursors Identification, which was organised by the UNODC Country Office in Pakistan (UNODC COPAK), concluded in Karachi today. 

The course was one of many examples of the comprehensive assistance provided under the project,  'Strengthening Border Security Against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Related Transnational Organised Crime' (2016-2019), which was signed by the Government of Japan and UNODC in March 2016. 

The objective of this training was to strengthen the capacities of field officers from Pakistan Customs, the Excise and Taxation Department, Sindh Police and the Anti-Narcotics Force, in addition to identifying and interdicting drugs and precursors trafficking.  The participants were also briefed on the overall t drug situation in the region, with a special emphasis on the diversion of precursor chemicals. 

On days one and three of the training, Col Sajid Aslam, UNODC law enforcement trainer, explained different aspects of drugs trafficking and its interdiction through a series of class room lectures and presentations. The second day of the training consisted of computer based e-learning modules, which were held at the Directorate General of Training and Research (DGTR) Customs. The modules were primarily focused on drugs and precursors identification, the interdiction of precursors and clandestine laboratories, and the use of drug test kits. The trainees reported that it was extremely informative and user friendly. 

In total, seventeen officials from the Sindh Police Force, Excise and Taxation Department, Pakistan Customs and the Anti Narcotics Force attended the training course. The participants brought a wealth of experience from their respective fields, which contributed towards the richness and delivery of the training, thereby making it increasingly practical and innovative.  

In her closing remarks, Ms Anila Rahim, Programme Officer of Precursors emphasised the importance of interagency cooperation in order to tackle the issue of drug and precursors trafficking. She also extended a special thanks to the DGTR team in Karachi and FBR Customs for their special support and cooperation in providing the e-learning centre for this training. 

UNODC COPAK will continue to undertake similar training courses for law enforcement officials in other provinces. This achievement was made possible by the generous support of the Government of Japan.