Government of Pakistan's Donation of Replicas of Seized Items used to Conceal Drugs for Trafficking to UNODC Science and Lab Section


13 th March 2015, Vienna - A high level government of Pakistan delegation participated in the Commission on the Narcotics Drugs (CND) held at UNODC HQ in Vienna. The Pakistani delegation articulated the views of the government in strategic discussions on the drugs issues affecting the world. During the course of the CND sessions and after a successful side event on "Intelligence Lead Operations", held jointly by COPAK and Government of Pakistan (GOP), attended by senior leadership of UNODC and other international stake holders, the GOP delegation headed by the Secretary Narcotics Control Division, Mr. Ghalib Bandesh,  who specifically thanked UNODC Representative to Pakistan Mr. Cesar Guedes for the support rendered by COPAK in projecting the achievements of government in combating drugs.

As a token of their appreciation and to mark the 60 th anniversary of the founding of the Scientific Support Section of UNODC, the Director General of the Anti Narcotics Force, Major General Hanif Khawar formally in the presence of Pakistan Ms. Ayesha Riyaz, handed over exact replicas of items used for purpose of trafficking drugs. The Scientific Section of UNODC will use the items in question for educational purposes.

These artefacts consisted of everyday household items, such as hand bags, books, tooth paste tubes, tooth and hair brushes, shoes, jackets, jeans, caps and dry fruits, which had been manipulated for creating special cavities in which drugs were secreted.

As a reflection on importance of the event Mr. Cesar Guedes stated," The fact the traffickers were apprehended is a testimony of the specialist training received by the officers of the Anti Narcotics Force of Pakistan from UNODC and their incorporation of the concept of Intelligence led operation in their strategy to counter drug trafficking.