Inauguration of Central Police Office Auditorium and Training Facility Police Lines, Quetta

23 August 2019, Quetta. Towards equipping Balochistan Police with modern infrastructure, a state-of-the-art auditorium at Central Police Office, along with a dedicated Training Facility for Police Lines, were inaugurated here on 23 August 2019.

Ms Jouhaida Hanano, Criminal Justice Advisor UNODC opened these facilities as Chief Guest, in the presence of Inspector General Balochistan Police, Mr Mohsin Hassan Butt. A number of community notables, senior police officers, media, and UNODC personnel attended the inaugural ceremony.

The newly-built auditorium is a multipurpose structure where seminars, workshops, and conferences shall be conducted with the assistance of modern amenities. The renovated and upgraded training building is likewise part of the programme to provide better and efficiency-oriented facilities to the police workforce.

Keeping in view infrastructural needs, and the operational challenges these pose to working conditions, institutional performance, and service delivery, a number of other initiatives are being carried out within the ongoing collaborative efforts between UNODC and Balochistan Police. These include the establishment of mobile crime scene investigation units, forensic science regional units, improvements in the Forensics Science Laboratory (FSL), control and command centre for one-five (15) response units, provision of FR/CSI kits to all police stations, digitization of Quetta police stations, institutional support to training institutions, comprehensive capacity building programme for all cadres of police management, and police-prosecution cooperation.

Having been made operational in recent months, the mobile crime scene units are well resourced and readily available to provide round-the-clock technical support in criminal investigation activities across the Province. These new units possess state-of-the-art equipment that covers a multitude of functions: including blood collection, fingerprinting, impressions, lifting pattern prints, trace evidence collection, and analyzing bullet trajectories. In addition, these units will be utilized to respond to crimes committed in the vicinity of every police station. 

In a meeting held with UNODC on the sidelines of this inauguration Mr Mohsin Butt, IG Balochistan, thanked UNODC and INL, US State Department, for their generous support and cooperation. Referring to policing challenges in Balochistan, he stated that the ongoing and broad-based institutional strengthening would go a long way in improving the capacity of law enforcement in the province.