Development of Prosecutor's Handbook

UNODC is providing support to Prosecution services in Pakistan to build the capacity of prosecutors and prosecution services, in collaboration with the Government of the Netherlands. As part of its support, UNODC is providing assistance to the Balochistan Prosecution Service in enhancing the training structure, and building the capacity of, the prosecutors of Balochistan. This effort is complemented by   the development of guidelines for prosecutors by UNODC, in close coordination and consultation with Balochistan's Prosecution Service. These guidelines will be included in the post-induction training for prosecutors. 

The  guidelines are designed to provide highly motivated prosecutors  the opportunity to develop trial skills as advocates in the courtroom. They shed light on how to gain a competitive edge when presenting a case in a court of law. The advocacy and courtroom skills module provides a suitable learning opportunity for legal professionals who work in the courts. The objective is to identify messages for effective courtroom practice, enhance understanding of the different roles in courtroom settings, manage authority and professional roles effectively, develop skills related to giving evidence, and provide training in cross-examination. Often experts are unfamiliar with the courtroom environment;  and a poor performance can undermine confidence and credibility. The development of effective courtroom skills can require intensive and practical training. In order to demystify the process, this  training must include the theory, practice, and procedure of giving evidence. A professional trainer, who  would be an experienced lawyer, will provide the trainees with constructive feedback throughout the programme.


Prosecutor's Handbook