Norway Government pledged USD 700,000 to  Support Punjab Police Department for Enhancing Training and Investigation Capacities

Islamabad, 3 rd July 2014 - The Norway Government and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) signed an agreement today on Norway's contribution of 700,000 USD for 2014-15 tosupport Punjab Police Department to enhance training and investigation capacities. The funds will be used to enhance Punjab Police significantly improve investigation in Gujrat, Gujranwala and Sialkot as well as to provide support to mobile crime scene units. As attention is needed for  basic and specialized policing training that is offered to recruits at police academies, the support will also provide an opportunity to enhance Punjab police training capacity.  The agreement will be signed by the country representative of UNODC, Mr. Cesar Guedes, and by the Ambassador of the Norway, H.E. Ms. Cecilie Landsverk. 

UNODC, with the support of the Government of Norway, has been supporting the Government of Punjab to improve the technical capacity of its law enforcement personnel.  These efforts are being undertaken its Country Programme (2010-15). Specifically, UNODC has provided training and technical assistance to enhance the capacity of police investigators to enhance their ability  to identify, collect and preserve physical evidences at crime scenes..  UNODC has provided this training in partnership with Police College Lahore and has provided 2000 first responders' kits for distribution to Punjab Police (Gujranwala Range).  

To further develop the investigative capacity of Punjab Police Department and specifically Gujrat District Police, a two phased effort will be undertaken. Phase one has been completed which includes a partial renovation to the physical space housing the crime scene investigation unit, provision of equipment to include office furniture, first responders and crime scene investigation kits, Phase II will include additional renovations to expand the space available to facilitate investigations, provision of specialized forensic and investigation equipment and specialized trainings.

Mr. Cesar Guedes, UNODC Country Representative, remarked that "proper responses to crime scenes are basic to any criminal investigation and without the necessary capacities, these investigations and subsequent prosecutions will be undermined. This project is a result of strong partnerships between UNODC, the Government of Norway and the Government of Pakistan.

Ambassador Landsverk expressed her satisfaction with the good cooperation with UNODC and the Police in Punjab. "Since 2012, when the cooperation started, this program has also represented a solid basis for improved contact and cooperation between the Norwegian and Pakistani police. Exchange of skills and experiences in the law-and-order sector benefits both countries tremendously. UNODC is a solid partner in this endeavor. All together with the previous and the new agreement with UNODC, Norway has contributed with more than 1 million USD to improve the qualifications of the police and prosecutors in Punjab".