Opening of Crime Scene Investigation and Training Unit - Gujrat

29 May 2014, Gujrat -  Central Police Lines Gujrat (Punjab) was the scene of the unveiling of the first phase of the newly renovated Crime Scene Investigation and Training Unit (CSITU), funded by the Government of Norway and established by UNODC Pakistan. This effort is part of the Country Programme's support to Punjab Police Department, to enhance crime scene investigations skills and to prepare improved cases for prosecution. Training for judges and prosecutors in the district will also be a focus.  

The event was attended by H.E. Cecillie Landsverk, Ambassador of Norway to Pakistan, Mr Cesar Guedes, Representative of UNODC Pakistan and Mr Ijaz Ahmed, Gujrat District Police Officer. Foreign Law Enforcement Community (FLEC) was represented by officials from the Embassy of Spain, police officials from other jurisdictions, media and members from civil society were also part of the event. At the event H.E Ms Landsverk expressed that Gujrat has strong ties with Norway and constitutes the largest origin of the Pakistani immigrants in her country. She also acknowledged the important contribution of Gujrat to Norway and remarked that this initiative is an offering from the people of Norway. 

Mr Cesar Guedes also appreciated the support and thanked Government of Norway and Punjab police for their partnership in making this endeavor successful.  He also said, that opening of CSITU will help the crime scene awareness programme and shall be replicated in selected districts in the region. The CSITU will house the crime scene investigation team with an adjoining classroom to be used for capacity building activities. The second phase of the project will begin shortly and shall include the development of specialized curricula and standard operating procedures for investigations, establishment of a secure evidence room and other enhancements. He also highlighted the significance of the proper collection and preservation of evidence in criminal investigations to support effective prosecutions.

Mr Ijaz Ahmed, District Police Officer, in his remarks, thanked UNODC and the Government of Norway for one of the most important initiative undertaken to support Gujrat police.  He assured the audience that this initiative will have noteworthy impact on their efforts to counter crime and terrorism in the district.  He further stated that Gujrat police officers will spare no criminal whether they are inside or outside of the country.

At the end of event, first responder's kits provided by UNODC were distributed to 200 police personnel from District Gujrat.