These Youth are the Leaders of Tomorrow……. Cesar Guedes

  International Anti-Corruption Week - Poster competition among youth


5 December 2013, Islamabad: UNODC and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) sponsored a painting and drawing competition among children and youth from various schools across Pakistan. The competition was held at the NAB's Regional Office in Islamabad.  

The theme of the competition was "Prevention of Corruption is a Must for Development" and it included children and youth from ages 8-19 years old from 27 schools and colleges in the Twin City of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The participation of these young people is consistent with remarks from Yuri Fedotov, Executive Directive for UNODC who noted that the campaign, titled   "Zero Corruption - 100% Development" is "designed by young people for young people to raise awareness about corruption." 

The participants depicted various illustrations with anti-corruption messages. Cesar Guedes, Country Representative remarked that, "These youth are the leaders of tomorrow and the creativity that they have demonstrated in this competition bodes well for the future of Pakistan. "  

Col. Suba Sadiq, Director General, National Accountability Bureau, Rawalpindi Office also remarked on the occasion: "It was motivating to see the participation of the kids.  These are the things that encourage us at NAB."

A panel of judges including Yasir Khan, National Programme Officer rated the drawings and selected the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd prize winners.  They will be recognised with awards during a joint UNODC and NAB ceremony in observance of International Anti-Corruption Day.

This competition is the second of a series of weeklong events leading up to Anti-Corruption Day on 9December 2013.