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The Government of Balochistan and UNODC Launch the Governance Structure of the Rule of Law Roadmap


Quetta, Balochistan  23 October 2018

QUETTA - Mr. Haider Ali Shikoh, Home and Tribal Affairs Department of Balochistan, and Mr. Cesar Guedes, Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) inaugurated today the Delivery Unit at the Home Department - the backbone of Balochistan reform under the Rule of Law Roadmap that was approved by the Balochistan Provincial Cabinet.

"Rule of Law is the most important priority of Government of Balochistan and today we have taken a concrete step towards the implementation of Rule of Law Roadmap by inaugurating the Delivery Unit with the support of UNODC who has been an instrumental partner in improving Rule of Law in Balochistan from last eight years", said Mr. Shikoh, Home Secretary. "The Government of Balochistan is leading the implementation of Rule of Law Roadmaps across all the provinces despite the challenges on the ground. Our presence today launching the Delivery Unit is a witness of that and the Government's ownership and commitment throughout the process, translating their strategic vision into action and becoming a role model for other provinces to follow. UNODC will continue supporting the Government of Balochistan and other relevant stakeholders in instilling rule of law and justice for all citizens in the province", stated Mr. Guedes at the launch event.

Mr. Tariq Khosa, Senior Rule of Law Advisor of UNODC, Mr. Mohsin Ahsan Butt, IG Police, Mr. Amer Zaman Jogezai, Prosecutor General Balochistan, and key representatives from the Home and Tribal Affairs, Law Department, P&D, Reclamation and Probation, Levies, Prisons, Judiciary as well as staff of UNODC also took part at the launch event. They all welcomed the inauguration of the Delivery Unit, and the start of the operationalisation phase of the RoL Roadmap.

The Launch event was followed by convening the first meeting of the Steering Committee headed by Mr. Haider Ali Shikoh, and all the stakeholders from Police, Prosecution, Prison, Reclamation and Probation, Levies, Bar, Judiciary, Law, P&D and civil society.

The Rule of Law Roadmap is a comprehensive document encompasses a significant and inclusive reforms with high government ownership aiming at strengthening the Justice system of Balochistan over the next five years (2018-2022). This instrumental and strategic document was developed by UNODC under the umbrella of a joint programme with UNDP and UN Women with the support of the British High Commission.

UNODC's support to the Government of Balochistan was instrumental in developing and endorsing the Roadmap. UNODC remains committed to supporting Balochistan in putting into action the vision of the Government, whereby the launch of the Delivery Unit is crucial in putting in place the proper foundation that will lead and coordinate reform in the justice sector in the province aiming at improving the delivery of justice to the citizens of Balochistan.


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23 October 2018

Quetta, Balochistan