Press Release


Denmark supports UNODC's capacity building program for Pakistan's border management agencies, police and prosecution services


Islamabad, 26 January 2017 - The Government of Denmark has today signed a DKK 4 million partnership agreement with UNODC Pakistan. The agreement was signed by the Ambassador of Denmark, H.E. Mr. Ole Thonke and Mr. Cesar Guedes, Country Representative UNODC. The agreement is about a program that aims to improve the capacity of Pakistan's border management agencies, police and prosecution services.

On the occasion, Mr. Ole Thonke said that Denmark fully supports Pakistan in their strive to enhance security and the rule of law in Pakistan, as both were important pre-requisites for developing a secure and fair society for the people of Pakistan. 

"We are very happy to be extending our support to this important program which is led by UNODC in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan. We fully believe that through this support, the institutions would be strengthened to protect the population, thereby increasing trust in government and contributing to overall stability within Pakistan and its surrounding borders", said Ambassador Thonke.

He also emphasized that Denmark strongly supports the on-going regional processes aimed at developing a regional consensus for peace, security, stability and development, underlining Denmark's commitment to strengthen this cooperation.

One of the program components focuses on improving the capacity of Pakistan's border management agencies and their cooperation with Afghanistan using an integrated border management system based on cross-border collaboration. By providing knowledge, training, equipment and support to collaborate with Afghanistan, the program is expected to make Pakistan's border agencies more effective in reducing threats in border regions and strengthen their cooperation with Afghan counterparts.

The Danish funds will also support in building capable and accountable institutions within the security and justice sector so it will lead to more effective investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. 

On the occasion, Mr. Guedes, thanked the Government of Denmark for their support and highlighted the importance of building capacity of law enforcement agencies managing border regions of Pakistan and cross border cooperation with counterpart authorities. He also said, that this engagement will help police and prosecutors to be more effective at protecting the public against crime and related illicit threats.


For further information kindly contact Rizwana Asad, Communications Officer UNODC via 0301-8564255,