Sensitisation of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry on the Diversion of Precursor Chemicals

11 June 2015, Islamabad - UNODC Pakistan has implemented a number of initiatives involving LEAs, regulatory bodies and the Industry, which are aimed at harmonising measures against illicit drug trafficking and the diversion of precursor chemicals. As part of UNODC's ongoing assistance programme in Pakistan, the Country Office in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotics Force conducted two workshops for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry at the ANF Academy in Islamabad. The aim of these workshops was to raise awareness within the industry on the diversion of precursor chemicals and their illicit use.  These events were recommended at the first national conference, which was held in Islamabad in October 2012.  

In his opening remarks, Brigadier Uzair Ahmed, the Commandant of the ANF Academy, highlighted the important role of industry in helping law enforcement agencies combat drug trafficking and related crimes. He expressed appreciation for UNODC's support of the country's law enforcement agencies in combating the trafficking of drugs and precursors to and from Pakistan.  The workshops were widely attended by the CEOs, managers, supervisors and traders of leading national industries including Rafhan, Nestle, Service, Punjab Beverages, Ittehad Chemicals Ltd and many others from Khyber Paktunkhwa and Punjab. 

Officials responsible for various control mechanisms at the Narcotics Control Division and Anti-Narcotics Force briefed the participants on the processes and rules that are followed at their level and discussed the problems faced by the industry as well by the regulatory and law enforcement agencies. The participants were also briefed about the overall prevalent drug situation in the region with special emphasis on the diversion of precursor chemicals. The Programme Officer from UNODC explained the objectives of the workshop in the backdrop of two previous conferences and dilated upon the outcomes of May 2013, particularly the endorsement of a code of conduct, which was unanimously agreed by the Narcotics Control Division and industry to effectively check diversions.  

The participants evinced keen interests in the presentations and asked many questions to clarify their doubts and to gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities in assisting law enforcement agencies in thwarting the diversion of precursor chemicals.        

UNODC in coordination with the Narcotics Control Division will continue organising awareness raising workshops in Sindh province for the industry representatives on the issue of precursors. 

These initiatives have been made possible by the continued generous support of the Government of Japan towards UNODC.