Skill Assessment Workshop for Prosecutors Working on Counter-Terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Peshawar, 18 October 2017 - A one-day assessment workshop was conducted for prosecutors of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa working in the area of counter-terrorism (CT) on 18 October 2017 in Peshawar.

The event was attended by 22 prosecutors from various districts of the province having experience of prosecuting counter-terrorism cases. 

The workshop was structured in two sessions. During the first session, participants filled out exhaustive questionnaires that were designed to assess legal knowledge and understanding on CT legislations. 

The second session of the workshop was interactive group discussions focusing on the challenges facing prosecutors during case trials. During this session, the prosecutors gave their detailed feedback on resource limitations and other associated risks during case trials. 

The one-day skill assessment workshop concluded with the closing remarks from the Director Prosecution with a vote of thanks to all the participants, UNODC and the EU. Towards the conclusion, certificates were distributed to the participants.