Islamabad, Pakistan 26 January 2023 – The US Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) funded “Rule of Law” Programme in Balochistan has been successfully executed by UNODC. The five-year Programme commenced in February 2017 and concluded in December 2022. A closing ceremony was held in Islamabad to celebrate the journey and achievements of this important intervention.

In his remarks Ambassador Blome said “Today we recognize the completion of a six-year effort between the United States, Balochistan, and UNODC.  In 2017 the United States was the sole funder for this project, providing $4.5 million for the Improving Rule of Law in Balochistan project. Over the past 75 years, the United States has invested more than a billion dollars to strengthen Pakistan’s civilian law enforcement capacity and keep Pakistani citizens safe. This has included training for more than 120,000 Pakistani police officers, incorporating international standards for crime response, investigations, and handling of evidence into their courses. We contributed to the construction of over 230 border posts along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. In Balochistan, we have provided over $20 million to purchase bullet proof vests, helmets, and vehicles to enhance law enforcement operations and keep officers safe while fighting crime.”

Ambassador Blome also highlighted U.S. flood assistance, adding “To date, we have committed more than $200 million in flood-response, disaster resilience, and food security assistance.  Our support includes urgently needed food, safe water, sanitation and hygiene improvements, financial help, and shelter assistance.  It also includes work with the Balochistan Police, including replacing police stations destroyed in the floods and providing a new wall and drainage system to better protect the Balochistan Police Training College in Quetta.  We are doing what friends and partners do in times of hardship – support each other.” 

The Programme aimed to enhance the technical and operational capacity of the Balochistan Police through training sessions on crime scene investigation, forensic examination skills, and the provision of modern equipment. Improved cooperation between police and prosecution for better justice outcome remained a core component of the Programme. 

In his opening remarks, Mr. Jeremy Milsom, Country Representative, UNODC Country Office in Pakistan highlighted UNODC’s continued support towards improving the rule of law sector in Balochistan. He thanked U.S. Embassy’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) section for its support and appreciated the Government of Balochistan’s collaboration towards strengthening and reforming criminal justice institutions in the province. 

UNODC under INL funding equipped the Crime Branch of Balochistan Police with 10 Mobile Crime Scene Units, 2,250 First Responders and 250 Crime Scene Kits, as well as the upgradation of Forensic Science Lab. Furthermore, 04 Forensic Collection Units were also established. This has been demonstrated by Ms. Jouhaida Hanano, Advisor, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme, UNODC during her presentation on Programme achievements.

UNODC also supported the INL programme in the area of policy reforms and provided technical assistance to Balochistan Police Training Branch in needs assessment and analysis for capacity building. Specialized modules were developed and 5,600 officials were trained on multiple policing functions. Similarly, to improve citizens-state trust, the Balochistan Police was assisted in developing a Community Policing Policy and Plan aiming to enhance citizen trust, police response, and mutual accountability in the prevention and control of crimes, specifically against vulnerable groups.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Abdul Khalique Sheikh, Inspector General of Police Balochistan expressed his profound gratitude to U.S. Embassy’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) “Rule of Law” Program in Balochistan. He said, “These wide-reaching initiatives have made a lasting impact in the lives of common citizens. This program was a perfect arrangement where INL and UNODC extended a helping hand in areas not taken care of by government finances and beneficiaries. I would like to acknowledge and appreciate a successful completion of this five-year program in Balochistan. This has set the stage and created an enabling environment where we have further built on it by adding community policing initiative.” He conveyed his appreciation towards INL and UNODC for their invariable support and further stated that he was confident that this assistance and effort will go a long way in making Balochistan Police more responsive. 

The closing ceremony highlighted major successes and impact of the INL funded Programme along with challenges and lessons learned.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a handover presentation of the Forensic Evidence Collection Units was held between U.S. Ambassador Blome and the Balochistan Police.





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