Commemorating World AIDS Day (WAD) in Sindh Prisons, 1 December 2021 

UNODC in collaboration with Prisons Department Sindh commemorated World AIDS Day by holding events in all prisons of Sindh Province. Awareness sessions, seminars, arts and singing competitions, and musical events were conducted on the prisons’ premises wherein both officials and inmates participated in the activities. UNODC-provided banners and posters with HIV prevention messages were duly displayed in the prisons. The purpose of these events and activities was to create awareness among the prisons population on HIV and its prevention.

Message from Kazi Nazir Ahmed, IG (Prisons) Sindh

World AIDS Day reminds us to stand and act responsibly to keep the key promise to end AIDS by 2030. A strong  partnership and cooperation among key actors is vital for helping the prison population and prisons officials in HIV prevention, treatment, and care services.

In this regard Sindh Prisons Department is working closely with UNODC, Health Department, and other relevant stakeholders in HIV prevention and continuum of HIV treatment and care services in prisons.

In the end I would like to reiterate: let us come together in global solidarity to strengthen our AIDS response.