Embarking on a transformative journey, 'Police Khidmat Markaz' paves the way for a new era of policing services in Balochistan

01 December 2023, Quetta – The EU and UNODC in partnership with Balochistan Police, inaugurated Police Khidmat Markaz in Kuchlak, Quetta. This collaborative effort signals a groundbreaking era in community-focused law enforcement, embracing a transformative approach that emphasizes accessibility, responsiveness, and community engagement.

The inauguration ceremony of the Police Khidmat Markaz was led by Mr. Abdul Khalique Sheikh, PSP, Inspector General of Police, Balochistan, in the distinguished presence of Mr. Jeroen Willems, Head of Cooperation, European Union Delegation to Pakistan, and Dr. Jeremy Milsom, Representative, UNODC Pakistan.

The delegation also took the opportunity to visit the Balochistan Judicial Academy (BJA), inaugurated earlier this year. Under RoLR, the Criminal Justice Institutions (CJIs) of the Government of Balochistan have received crucial technical, operational, and infrastructure support. The Academy has been equipped with books and research materials, IT support for digitization, and comfortable furniture, fostering a conducive work environment.

The primary objective of the Police Khidmat Markaz is to alleviate the workload on conventional police stations, allowing them to focus resources on the fundamental responsibility of crime prevention while bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. Meticulously designed, it offers seamless processes, guarantees prompt service for citizens, upholds respectful treatment of the public, and introduces a citizen feedback mechanism along with an online tracking system. Distinctive features include a gender desk, integrated IT software solutions, and CCTV cameras, setting it apart from regular police stations in structure, environment, and public interactions. The Markaz facilitates easy filing of complaints, particularly in non-cognizable offenses.

Supported by the European Union's Deliver Justice Project, a key element of the broader Rule of Law Roadmap RoL(R) in Balochistan, this initiative aims at reforming and enhancing people-centered justice, ensuring equitable access for women and marginalized groups, and elevating the service delivery of the security sector in accordance with constitutional safeguards and international standards. The establishment of the Police Khidmat Markaz underscores the collective commitment of the EU, UNODC, and Balochistan Police to empower local communities through enhanced policing services, providing facilitation for all citizens through a unified service point.

This innovative center stands on the brink of redefining the policing landscape in the region, bringing services closer to the people and establishing a collaborative framework that fosters mutual trust and understanding.



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