Enhancing the Balochistan Judicial Academy with the inauguration of its Library and Research Unit

01 March 2023, Quetta – UNODC held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of a newly refurbished library and research unit at the Balochistan Judicial Academy. This initiative is funded by the European Union, Rule of Law ‘Deliver Justice Project’ in Balochistan. The Rule of Law Roadmap (RoLR) is working to ensure that the justice sector is able to perform its duties in the most efficient and effective manner. 

Under RoLR, the Criminal Justice Institutions (CJIs) of the Government of Balochistan have been provided with the necessary technical, operational and infrastructure support.  Improving service delivery to the citizens is a key objective of the RoLR, and the refurbishment of the library is an effort to this end. The Academy has been provided with books and research material, IT support for digitization, and furniture for a comfortable work environment. The upgraded wing will significantly improve the functioning of the Academy.

Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan, Chief Justice of the Balochistan High Court said, “The importance of research and study cannot be ignored for dispensing quick and quality justice to the aggrieved. I am sure that the Library and Research Unit of BJA will enable all the participants to enhance their capacity and improve efficiency for dispensing justice.”

Ms. Jouhaida Hanano, Criminal Justice and Reforms Advisor, UNODC Country Office in Pakistan congratulated the Balochistan Judicial Academy on the inauguration. She expressed her appreciation on the progress made in the rule of law reforms in Balochistan across the Criminal Justice Institutions.

The RoLR aims to enhance the capacity and improve the service delivery of the judiciary, police, and prosecution, and it also supports training and research to bolster their core skills and capacities. The inauguration marks an important milestone of digitalizing and equipping services for the CJIs of Balochistan.