Inauguration of Smart Classroom promises a new era of learning at Police Training College in Quetta

4 January 2024, Quetta - With the dawn of the new year, the Police Training College in Quetta proudly opened doors to its state-of-the-art Smart Classroom through a graceful inauguration ceremony presided over by Mr. Abdul Khalique Sheikh, Inspector General of Police, Balochistan on 4 January 2024. The Smart Classroom facility marks a significant stride towards modernizing law enforcement education at the PTC in Balochistan. This transformative initiative, funded under the European Union Deliver Justice Project and established through the technical support of UNODC, is set to redefine the learning experience for future law enforcement professionals.

The newly refurbished Smart Classroom is not merely a space equipped with cutting-edge technology; it represents a commitment to fostering innovation and dynamic learning within the law enforcement community. The unveiling ceremony was attended by officials from UNODC and stakeholders from the law enforcement sector who applauded the technologically advanced Smart Classroom as an exemplary model to follow.

The initiative marks a significant milestone in European Union’s ongoing commitment to fostering a dynamic and innovative learning environment for the law enforcement personnel in Balochistan.

The Smart Classroom is designed to empower the law enforcement professionals with knowledge and skills that will shape their careers and contribute to a safer, and more secure society.

The learning facilities integrated in the smart classroom with the technical support of UNODC will help to support active and interactive learning environment.  The senior officials from criminal justice sector and UNODC were given a guided tour of the Smart Classroom to appreciate the modern facility.

Mr. Abdul Khalique Sheikh, IGP Balochistan welcomed the new era of learning at the Police Training College where technology and innovation will aid the pursuit of justice and security for the people of Balochistan for a safer, more informed, and more resilient society.