Training of Trainers on Training Methodologies and Terrorism Investigation

20 February 2021 - Karachi: Under the framework of Pakistan’s Action to Counter Terrorism (PACT) Sindh project, UNODC in collaboration with the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) and with the financial support of the European Union organized a "1st Training of Trainers (TOT) on Training Methodologies and Terrorism Investigation" 15-19 February 2021 in Karachi. The Training brought together participants from various units of Sindh Police and Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Sindh.

In the opening ceremony Mr. Naeem Ahmed Sheikh, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Training Branch lauded the efforts UNODC for chalking out a sustainable capacity building strategy for Sindh Police. Mr. Sheikh also appreciated the efforts of the Training Module Review Committee established by the worthy Inspector General of Police Sindh for review of the contents of the training modules. Mr. Syed Arslan Zaidi, Advisor PACT, in his opening remarks also shed light on UNODC’s approach for developing a pool of trainers who can be utilized by Sindh Police in future.

Later in the day, Mr. Amanullah Khan, Programme Officer- Police presented about the PACT project, overall capacity building strategy under the framework of the project and future discourse. Col.Ghulam Abbas, Senior Training and Programme Coordinator presented on the Systematic Approach to Training and different models, class management and effective training methods.  

Dr.Manzar Zaidi, Counter Terrorism Trainer, presented the importance of training for police officers, and why experiential models could not be considered enough for Policing.  The session was followed by a session on learning methodologies, which demonstrated the utility of adult learning and problem solving rationale for training. The next day, Dr.Manzar Zaidi made trainees practice their presentation skills, as well as training them in different methodologies, pathways, and concept of adult learning and organizing trainings.

On the third day of the workshop , Ahmed Saeed , Master Trainer, and Dr.Manzar Zaidi took the course through Program planning and Micro teaching which included practical and conceptual sessions on Documentation and Standardization of training, Lesson Plans, Manuals, Principles of curriculum documentation and  Immersive learning. The trainers constantly made the course practice their practical presentation strategies.

The fourth day started with an introductory session on Terrorism, trajectories of terrorism, terrorist organizational growth and life cycles, conducted by Dr.Manzar Zaidi. He showed various videos during this session and made the session highly interactive. This was followed by a conceptual analyses of Training needs assessment and curriculum documentation by Mr.Shafqat Jillani, Master Trainer.

The final and fifth day of tainting started with an interactive session by Dr. Manzar Zaidi on why it is so difficult to pin down a definition of terrorism and  the practical ramifications of this conceptual issue. This was followed by a session by Shafqat Jillani on Training evaluation and feedback.

At the closing session, Mr. Shad Ibn Masih, Principal Elite Police Training College, Razzaqabad Karachi,  appreciated the efforts of UNODC, EU and NACTA for developing one of its kind capacity building strategy for Sindh Police which is focused on developing  the capacity of the specialized units to overcome the challenges posed by terrorism. Upon conclusion of the workshop, certificates were distributed amongst the participants.



The activity was made possible with the financial support of the European Union under the Foreign Policy Instrument (FPI).