Women and Juvenile Facilitation Centre in Quetta
Opening doors to a new era of hope and healing for the survivors of GBV in Balochistan

22 November 2023, Islamabad - Gender-based violence (GBV) is a pervasive issue, and lack of access to crucial services for survivors of GBV often leads to under-reporting of these crimes. To address this, the newly inaugurated Women and Juvenile Facilitation Centre (WJFC) with funding from the U.S. Embassy Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) is a landmark facility for the provision of victim support services in Quetta.

Established through a collaborative effort between the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Balochistan Police, the WJFC is set to revolutionize the way to address violence against women, children, and juveniles. Inaugurated by the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald A. Blome through a high-profile ceremony on 20 November 2023 in Quetta, the facility signifies a shared commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by women who are often victims of violence in the region.

The financial support from the INL has been instrumental in turning this vision into a reality. The WJFC aims to ensure that the victims of violence or violation of human rights – whether physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, harassment, or other abuse – have a safe space to come forward and get help. The INL funds have been channelled into creating an enabling environment for reporting, recording, and investigating crimes against vulnerable women and juveniles through a front desk.

The WJFC will be a sanctuary for survivors, offering a comprehensive range of services including first aid, psychosocial support, legal consultation, referral, and rehabilitation. In addition, a facilitation desk  will provide access to basic documentation services, all under one roof, such as issuance of a character certificate, police verification, driving license, and tenant registration.

Recognizing the importance of a trained and empathetic law enforcement response, INL's support has extended to specialized training for women police officers in the Quetta Police Lines. This training equips officers with the knowledge and skills required to sensitively handle cases of gender-based violence, fostering an environment of trust and support for victims.

The WJFC was inaugurated in presence of Inspector General of Police, Balochistan, Abdul Khalique Sheikh (PSP), along with a cross-section of senior officers and stakeholders from the rule of law sector in Balochistan. The Country Representative, UNODC, Jeremy Milsom shared the UNODC’s experience and learning of setting up two WJFCs in Gujranwala and Gujrat in the province of Punjab that has led to successfully transferring lessons into the new WJFC in Quetta which is modeled as per global standards. The WJFC operations are ably led by ASP Pari Gul Tareen, the first female Assistant Superintendent Police in Balochistan.

The WJFC will not only provide immediate assistance to victims but also enable building a society where violence is met with empathy, understanding, and swift justice. As the WJFC paves the way for a safer and more compassionate community, it sets a precedent for similar initiatives across the province in Balochistan.



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