Strengthening the capacity of criminal justice for the Government of Balochistan



18 July 2013: In a meeting today, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Government of Balochistan agreed to cooperate in implementing the outcomes of UNODC's Criminal Justice programme in the area. The Criminal Justice Programme is a part of the UNODC's Country Programme for 2010-2015, and includes improving the capacity of law enforcement and prosecution services  as well as prison reform in Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by the Home Secretary of Balochistan, the Secretary of Prosecution and Inspector General of the Police, who presented the priorities of the Government of Balochistan. Aligning the Government's priorities with its programme, UNODC Representative Mr. Cesar Guedes along with his Criminal Justice team put forward a short to medium term plan for joint implementation of training as well as technical and material assistance for the agencies. The support of UNODC to Balochistan will enhance the operational capacity of law enforcement agencies, prosecution and prison reform services.


A signing and handover ceremony, in which 110 ballistic vests and helmets were given to the Quetta Police, marked the end of this meeting.