The Netherlands contributed to Improving Criminal Justice Services in Balochistan with UNODC's Technical Support Programme for Police and Prosecutors 


Quetta, 09 th August 2017 - H.E. Ms. Jeannette Seppen, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Pakistan and the Mr. Cesar Guedes, Country Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) undertook a visit to Quetta and met with Provincial Minister for Information and Technology Sardar Raza Barech, Secretary Prosecution, Dr. Aftab Ahmad Baloch and the Prosecutor General of the Government of Balochistan, Mr. Ameer Zaman Jogezai and discussed UNODC's important initiative to reinforce Balochistan's Criminal Justice System with the support of the Government of the Netherlands. The Netherlands Government contributed USD 2.5 million for a four-year programme with the Government of Balochistan which ended on 31 st December 2016 targeting drug and crime issues, with UNODC as the implementing partner.

UNODC's Country Programme (2010-16) targets three critical and interdependent areas of development assistance: trafficking and border management, criminal justice and drug demand reduction & HIV/AIDS. In order to counter trafficking, strengthen border management and improve criminal justice system, UNODC works with the Government to assist Pakistani law enforcement and regulatory agencies to reduce trafficking, improve the management of borders and enhance the criminal justice system in order to increase security and prosperity.
H.E. Ms. Seppen and Mr. Guedes visited the Continuous Learning Centre (CLC) for the Prosecution Department which was financially supported by the Government of the Netherlands. This Centre was established for prosecutors and investigators to be trained through modern technologies and to enhance coordination among prosecutors and police. This Centre is also equipped with a library where literature on law and other relevant fields is available for the Prosecution Department. Through this Centre, the prosecutors will be able to get trained through the interactive eLearning modules and will also enhance the skills of prosecutors to interact through computers.

After the meeting, the Dutch Ambassador and UNODC Country Representative inaugurated the newly established eLearning Centre for prosecutors. Through the e-Learning Centre, the prosecutors will be able to get trained through the interactive eLearning modules and will also enhance the skills of prosecutors to interact through computers.

At the inauguration Minister Sardar Raza Barech said "for effective prosecution, it is important to build the capacity of Levies along with Police on crime scene investigation as 95% are of Balochistan is covered by Levies".
At the end of the visit, H.E. Ms. Seppen concluded the visit by thanking the Minister Sardar Raza Barech, the Secretary Prosecution of Balochistan, Dr. Aftab Ahmad Baloch and stated "I am satisfied to see that these initiatives implemented by UNODC together with the Balochistan Government with the support of the Dutch Government which provided an opportunity to improve coordination among provincial authorities as well as building their capacity through modern means to improve the services of the criminal justice chain".

Mr. Cesar Guedes, Representative UNODC, thanked H.E. Ms. Seppen for the support provided by her Government to UNODC Pakistan Country Programme for the benefit of the Pakistani people, particularly the support provided to the Province of Balochistan. He also appreciated the engagement of the previous and current Inspectors General of Police in Balochistan for their partnership in the Programme and for facilitating the visit to the eLearning Centres. Mr. Guedes further stated that "this police Programme recognizes that the access to justice is fundamental for the stability of Pakistan, as it could improve trust between citizens and law enforcement institutions, in particular the police by building confidence in civil society for a better criminal justice system more capable, fair and just".

H.E. Ms. Seppen and Mr. Guedes along with their teams also met Governor Balochistan Mr. Muhammad Khan Achakzai and provided the update on UNODC initiatives to support Government of Balochistan with the assistance of the Government of Netherlands.