The Netherlands contributes to improve law enforcement and criminal justice in Balochistan  with UNODC's Technical Capacity Building Programme for Police and Prosecutors 



Quetta, 20 th November 2014 - H.E. Marcel De Vink, Ambassador of the Netherlands and the Country Representative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Mr. Cesar Guedes met with Inspector General Balochistan Police to discuss UNODC's important initiative to reinforce Balochistan's Criminal Justice System with the support of Government of Netherlands. The Netherlands Government has contributed USD 2.5 million in a four-year programme with the Government of Balochistan targeting drugs and crime issues, with UNODC as the implementing partner.

UNODC's Country Programme (2010-15) was developed in particular to support the implementation of the drug control strategy of the Government of Pakistan. It targets three critical and interdependent areas of development assistance: (i) trafficking and border management, (ii) criminal justice and (iii) drug demand reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention. In order to counter trafficking and strengthen border management, UNODC works with the Government to empower Pakistani law enforcement and regulatory agencies to reduce trafficking and improve the management of borders.

In the meeting with Mr. Ehsan Mehboob the Additional IG Balochistan, Ambassador Marcel De Vink stated that "Pakistan faces a complex crime situation particular to the region due to its unique geographical location, characterized by both conventional and transnational-organized crime. To fight against such offences, it is necessary to deploy the latest equipment and implement international and national best practices."  He was pleased therefore to support the Balochistan police by providing Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) training on international best practices aimed at addressing gaps in crime scene awareness, physical evidence detection, collection and investigation. The training which is now provided at the Police Training College, with the assistance of the Netherlands Government, is delivered in modern classrooms with online facilities. This training also recognizes the role and responsibilities of First Responders at the crime scene that are considered important to the preservation of evidence.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Cesar Guedes thanked H.E. Marcel De Vink for the support provided by his Government to UNODC Pakistan Country Programme, especially to activities in the Province of Balochistan. He appreciated as well the engagement of the Inspector General of Police for his partnership in the programme and facilitating the visit to the training center. Mr. Guedes also emphasized that "this police programme recognises that access to justice is fundamental for the stability of Pakistan as it could improve trust between citizens and law enforcement institutions, in particular Police, by building confidence in civil society for a better criminal justice system more capable, fair and just". 

During the stay in Quetta the Dutch Ambassador H.E. Marcel De Vink along with UNODC Country Representative will be meeting with Additional Secretary Prosecution and Prosecutor General, Government of Balochistan and shall also be visiting the Continuous Learning Center (CLC) for Prosecution Department which is also funded by the Dutch Government.

The establishment of these CLC by UNODC is to help provide better understanding and increased cooperation among Police and prosecution. The CLC is set-up for the prosecutors and investigators to be trained through modern technologies and it also serves as a center for coordination among the relevant stakeholders. Through the technology available in the CLC, UNODC is also developing a distance learning programme for the prosecutors and investigators on topics like in-Court room Advocacy skills, presentation of evidence etc, to be delivered from other cities/countries due to limited access to Balochistan. The center is also equipped with a library where the literature on Law and other relevant fields will be available for the Prosecution Department.

To enhance the knowledge of the prosecutors, UNODC has delivered training on Crime Scene Investigation to these officials in Balochistan. UNODC has also developed a specialized module on Police and Prosecutors Cooperation. These training sessions have been conducted in Quetta. UNODC is also planning to establish e-Learning centre for prosecutors through which the officials will be able to participate in the interactive e-learning modules and enhance their skills.

At the end the Dutch Ambassador H.E. Marcel De Vink concluded the visit by thanking the Additional Inspector General Balochistan and said "he is satisfied to see that these initiatives implemented by UNODC together with the Balochistan Government provide an opportunity to improve cooperation with provincial authorities as they build their capacities to promote and implement police, prosecutors, prisons and community correctional services".