UNODC, UNDP and UN Women Organize a Donors Conference on the Rule of Law Roadmap of Balochistan

07 March 2018, Islamabad - A key document for the future of Balochistan was launched during the Conference on the Rule of Law Roadmap of Balochistan. The Roadmap details the reforms aiming at strengthening the Justice system of Balochistan over the next five years (2018-2022). The Conference was chaired and led by the Government of Balochistan together with the Judiciary. Among the participants were key representatives from the Government of Balochistan's relevant departments and institutions including the Judiciary and Civil Society. The donors' community were also represented along with UNODC, UNDP and UN Women.

Mr. Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman, Chief of Foreign Aid of the Government of Balochistan, indicatedthat "no society can prosper without the rule of law, and the confidence of people in its institutions." He underscored the current lack of trust of the citizens of the Province in thejustice system, and the dire need for a comprehensive reform including the judiciary. Presenting the Roadmap, representatives ofall stakeholders in Balochistan confirmed their high commitment and consensus among the government, the judiciary and civil society to implement these reforms. The Government of Balochistan presented subsequently their implementation plan including crucial processes and mechanisms that are pre-requisite to operationalize and roll out the Roadmap.

Furthermore, it has been emphasized that the commitment of the Government of Balochistan to the implementation of the Roadmap is strongly evident through their persistent engagement and the allocation and cost sharing of resources. They further highlighted the importance of partnerships with donors and development agencieswhereby their financial and technical support will be much needed.

The Roadmap of Balochistan aims at improving every segment of the justice system, from the enhancement of the capacities of the law enforcement agenciesincluding the judiciary to the transformation of prisons and the generalization of access to justice. A monitoring mechanism will closely follow the impact of the project while ensuring its adaptability.

Representatives from the Government of Balochistan reassured the donors and foreign partners over their concerns regarding the space left for human rights, gender equality and accountability in the reforms. They also confirmed the Roadmap's alignment with national priorities, ensuring its continuity over the five years. At last, they reaffirmed their strong engagement in working in collaboration with all the stakeholders, donors and with UNODC, UNDP and UN Women in order to build a just, secure and peaceful Balochistan.