UNODC Conducts Strategic Management Workshop for Senior Ranking Officers




November 2013, Islamabad - A specialized workshop on strategic management was organized in Islamabad on 11 November, for senior ranking officers from law enforcement agencies with a mandate in border areas. The workshop was designed for officers with responsibility for delivering training courses on crime investigation skills from junior to senior levels. Participants consisted of senior officers from the Airport Security Force, Anti Narcotics Force, Coast Guard, Customs, Federal Investigation Agency, Frontier Corps, Levies, Police and Rangers, all of whom have experience in conducting investigations.

The module 'Strategic Management of Training for Senior Ranks', which is part of UNODC's Specialist Curricula for law enforcement agencies, was created in order to provide trainers with material necessary to facilitate workshops for senior officers who manage and support trainers of criminal investigation skills on all levels. Raising the awareness of trainers about the importance of utilization of modern training methods of international best practices is essential to ensure efficiency in the development of new investigators over time. This will lead to a higher quality of investigations and improved collection, preservation and presentation of evidence in criminal cases on a long-term basis.

At the end of the workshop the participants were able to conduct modern training sessions in criminal investigation skills in line with international best practices, as well as to identify their responsibility to create and facilitate a training environment where modern training can be delivered with an emphasis on a student-centered learning methodology.