UNODC Conducts Training of Trainers  for Junior and Mid-Level Law Enforcement Officers




November 2013, Islamabad - UNODC under its Illicit Trafficking and Border Management Programme, organized a specialist training course for junior and middle ranking officers from October 21-November 8, 2013. This course which was based on the module "Train the trainer for junior and mid-ranking officers",is designed to provide facilitators with material that they can adapt to their own training programmes in order to deliver modern training methods in accordance with international best practices. The course is designed for officers responsible for teaching investigation skills to all levels of law enforcement in their daily work, and who themselves have extensive experience in criminal investigations. 

The three-week course, which was conducted at the Anti Narcotics Force academy in Islamabad, included 12 participants from the Federal Investigation Agency, Anti Narcotics Force, Provincial Police, Federal Bureau of Revenue and Frontier Corps. Emphasis was placed on how trainers can help develop the skills of junior and mid level officers. The topics covered under this course include interviewing of victims and witnesses, managing crime scenes and developing intelligence, before moving on to interviewing suspects. Through standardized training interviewers are trained to use an easily understood and systematic approach to obtain information as well as on how to protect and preserve physical and how to use intelligence to promote proactive investigations.

UNODC places significant effort on continuous education of trainers in order to enable them to utilize modern training methods based on international best practices. Increasing the number of well-educated trainers within the law enforcement training academies will further ensure that investigations are conducted in accordance with the existing legislation and policy.