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12 October 2020, Gujranwala: A ground-breaking ceremony of handing over state-of-the-art purpose-built Crime Scene Vehicles to Gujranwala Police concludes among a lot of applause at the Gujranwala Police Lines on 12 October 2020. It brought together a cross-section of criminal justice sector stakeholders, including district police Gujranwala, Punjab Police and key representatives from UNODC. The event was appreciated as one of the milestones among a stream of transformative activities supported by the partnership between the Punjab Police and UNODC with the generous support of the Government of Norway.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jeremy Milsom, Representative, UNODC Country Office in Pakistan stressed the importance of equipping first responders with technology that helps to minimize the potential contamination of evidence in crime scene investigation. As the first-ever intervention of its kind for the Gujranwala Police, Mr. Milsom mentioned that this will go a long way in modeling investigation techniques and skills of front-line police personnel through access to state-of-the-art crime scene vehicles. He further affirmed UNODC’s commitment towards delivering peace and justice to the people of Pakistan.

Through the Crime Scene Vehicles, Gujranwala Police will have the means to deploy better support in the gathering and processing of physical and forensic evidence in line with international standards. The ceremony was well-represented by senior representatives of Gujranwala Police. The participants appreciated the intervention as a refreshing and long-awaited step towards modernizing a speedy and efficient gathering of evidence in crime scene investigations.

The intervention is part of the four-year project, “Enhanced Capacities of Criminal Justice Actors in Punjab, Pakistan supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is expected to conclude in 2021. 



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23 September2020