UNODC holds the 3 rd Regional meeting on human trafficking and migrant smuggling routes in Islamabad


07 August, 2014 - As part of United Nation's global fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling under it's Global Plan of Action, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been committed to enhancing cooperation amongst regional stakeholders.

UNODC Office in Pakistan brought together senior law enforcement officials from Bahrain, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan to meet and discuss the emerging routes and challenges related to human trafficking and migrant smuggling in the region. The participants deliberated upon practical solutions for enhancing information sharing amongst the regional countries. 

The opening session was addressed by Mr. Cesar Guedes the UNODC Representative in Pakistan. He said "this form of crime exploits and victimises millions around the world each year, countries in the region need to work together to devise an effective strategy for eliminating human trafficking and migrant smuggling".  

Mr. Guedes concluded his speech by reiterating the importance of the need to fight this global menace and the urgency to find regional solutions as it effects the lives of millions around the globe especially women and children. He assured that UNODC office in Pakistan would continue to support and strengthen the efforts of the Government of Pakistan in eliminating human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

The opening session also witnessed the presence of several ambassadors including the Australian High Commissioner Mr. Peter Heyward along with the members of the diplomatic community.


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