UNODC - ICAO  Air Cargo Security Training - Amman, Jordan 

Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College, Amman, Jordan,24-28 July 2016

The UNODC Country Office in Pakistan, in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), conducted a training course on 'Air Mail and Air Cargo Security' under the framework of the Global Container Control Programme. 

This event was a joint training exercise for the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, Anti-Narcotics Force, and Customs as well as for the Jordanian Anti-Narcotics Department and Customs, held at the Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College in Amman.

Both Pakistan and Jordan are the pioneers joining the recently launched "Air Cargo " segment of the Global Container Control Programme. This Program is a joint initiative of UNODC and the World Customs Organization. The initiative helps states set in place effective inter-agency law enforcement structures, to minimise the exploitation of containers for smuggling of illicit consignments such as narcotics, chemical precursors, arms and ammunition, endangered species, etc.

Following the impressive results of the Container Control Programme in seaports, UNODC decided to expand t

he programme into airports. Pakistan was the first country to start the practice by setting up an Air Cargo Control Unit (ACCU) at Jinnah International Airport Karachi in 

November 2015. Soon after, Jordan followed suit in May 2016 as the second participating country.

The subject training was aimed at increasing the knowledge and operational capacity of the ACCUs in identifying high risk air consignments, and minimising the possibility of exploiting air freight for unlawful acts.

This was the first such partnership between UNODC and ICAO, a successful collaboration that is now expected to be replicated in the future 


The implementation of this activity was enabled by financial contributions from Denmark and the USA.