UNODC plans to upgrade law enforcement's training centres to deliver 'eLearning' as standardised Training & Certification Programme in Pakistan

Multan, 10 May 2017- The Computer-based Training (CBT) Centres established by UNODC in the law enforcement academies of Pakistan at over 50 locations have imparted training to 42,000 personnel, while their knowledge gains remained outstanding at 101% as measured through the pre and post-test results. In Punjab, over 15000 personal of Punjab Police have undergone various training on crime prevention and investigation through UNODC CBT/eLearning platform, completing a total 60,000 hours of the training duration.  

In this context, UNODC Pakistan Representative Cesar Guedes visited the newly established eLearning centre at Police Lines in Multan, where an inaugural session of eLearning course was attended by 20 officers of Multan Police. The Centre was established by UNODC in 2016 with the support from Government of Denmark. Mr Guedes while talking to the press described eLearning Programme of UNODC as a success which complemented the traditional training system of Police to enhance the personnel's knowledge in specialised areas along international standards. "UNODC is currently transforming the training platform from Computer-based to a full-scale eLearning- to be available in online format with additional features and benefits, thereby ensuring its effective usage by the agencies and Programme's sustainability over a long period", Mr. Guedes said. "Within the framework of UNODC Pakistan Country Programme -II (2016-2019), eLearning has been identified as a priority assistance towards building the law enforcement capacity so it can meet the security challenges, as well as community expectations. The training platform at over 50 locations in law enforcement in Pakistan will therefore be upgraded in 'eLearning'- as the most advance tool of Training and Certification for the law enforcement", Mr. Guedes added.

RPO Sultan, Sultan Azam Temuri on the occasion complemented the UNODC's contribution to Multan Police, for raising its personnel's capacity in specialised crime' areas on international standards. He also underscored that the use of forensic, technological and modern methods in investigation of crime were critical in developing an appropriate response against the high-tech crimes of the modern age. RPO Multan Azam Temuri further mentioned latest initiatives of Multan Police in public interest including the Traffic Theme Park and FM Radio that serve to enhance awareness among public concerning to security and their protection from becoming victims of heinous crimes such as drug abuse and human trafficking.

The UNODC's delegation headed by Representative in Pakistan Cesar Guedes also visited the Police Training Institute Multan where UNODC's eLearning curricula has been integrated within the formal training system, at various levels including in Recruits' Course, Lower School Course, Special Investigation Course, and Police Response Unit Course. The Principal of Institute SSP Maqsood Ahmad Khan Khichi informed the delegation that over 4000 recruits had completed training on core police functions through the eLearning platform, which culminated in total 16,000 hours of training duration.