UNODC provides support to the Province of Punjab in areas  of prison reforms, human trafficking, and capacity building of law enforcement agencies


Lahore - The 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has changed the nature of governance in Pakistan and impact the rule of law and drug related issues. The subjects which were on concurrent list of the Constitution are devolved to the provincial governments for legislation and implementation. The provinces have new responsibilities in areas of Police, Prosecution, Prison and Public Health. UNODC has a country programme which was discussed with Federal level ministries but after devolution it is important to provincialize the country programme. UNODC has started the dialogue with provincial governments and relevant stakeholders to have interventions at the grass root level. Punjab in the most populous province of the country with approximately 56% of the country population thus it was important to have discussions with Government authorities of the province for meaningful impact of the country programme. 

Mr. Cesar Guedes and senior management team met with Mr. Rana Sanaullah, Minister Law & Parliamentary Affairs Government of Punjab to discuss programme of assistance for the province of Punjab. Mr. Salman Rafiq Advisor to Chief Minister on Health, Maj (R) Azam Suleman Khan, Home Secretary Punjab and Mian Farooq Nazeer, Inspector General Prisons Punjab participated in the meeting. Mr. Guedes presented the details of country programme and also shared activities undertaken by UNODC in Punjab.  The discussions evolved around issues related to drug trafficking and production in the region as these effect people beyond the region. Mr. Sanaullah showed keen interest in the areas of Illicit Trafficking and Criminal Justice.

UNODC agreed to provide assistance in areas of prison reforms, human trafficking and capacity building of law enforcement agencies. Ongoing interventions by UNODC in the province of Punjab are supported by governments of Norway and Australia. Mr. Guedes also invited Home Secretary to Programme Governance Committee (PGC) meeting to represent Govt of Punjab.

Another important meeting was held with Mr. Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Speaker Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. Mr. Iqbal assured his full support for policy dialogues with the members of provincial assembly on drug demand reduction, human trafficking and support for criminal justice system.