UNODC Support to Police Training College Sihala

Islamabad - UNODC has provided support to the Police Training College Sihala, to improve the capacity of its trainers through a number of Train the Trainer Courses. UNODC also coordin

ated an initiative by the Commandant to incorporate in to the College's program 16guest lectures by experts from the international community on specific areas related to law enforcement (FLEC). 

For the first time in Punjab modern training techniques have been adopted, by the College in Sihala, under the leadership of its Commandant Mr. Amir Zulfiqar. The training regime includes continuous monitoring and evaluation of both trainees and trainers. 

During the visit of UNODC Pakistan Country Representative Mr. Cesar Guedes to the Police Training College, the Commandant (Mr. Zulfiqar) made a presentation to the team, in which he expressed his appreciation to UNODC for providing support to the College.

 The batch of 418 sub-inspectors, recruited directly through a provincial competitive exam, is currently undergoing its basic

training at the College. 

Amongst these trainees are the 76 pioneer prospective women sub-inspectors in Punjab. UNODC assured it will provide continuous support for the training and capacity building of the new recruits, towards facilitating the police department's evolution into a more responsive and gender equal institution.