The Sixth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (1995 - 1997)

This Survey questionnaire* consists of a series of questions that ask for data, primarily statistical, on the main components of the criminal justice system, for the years 1995 to 1997. The following paragraphs include the instructions given to Government respondents. The central responding office was asked to review partial replies to ascertain that the data collected in the official return address clearly defined jurisdictions (such as national or federal) and are statistically valid. In this connection, the importance of reviewing all parts of the survey for consistency was encouraged.

*The questionnaire is available to download in English, French, Spanish, Arabic

The questionnaire is compiled in such a way that it can be broken down and sent to separate agencies, and reassembled in the central responding office before it is returned. The experience of past surveys showed that in some replies there were:

(a) the same figures given in two parts of the questionnaire;

(b) figures representing criminal justice operations of agencies further down the system that were higher than corresponding figures of preceding agencies; and

(c) no explanations given in cases of significant statistical changes. In these cases, the Secretariat sent requests for validation of data.

This process was very time-consuming for all those involved in the provision and analysis of the data and considerably delayedcompletion of the project. In order to promptly complete the Sixth Survey and to initiate preparation for the Seventh Survey, respondents were requested, therefore, to take those factors into account.

In completing the tables, respondents were provided with the following suggestions:

If figures provided in one table differ significantly from one year to the next, please explain the discrepancy in notes to the table.

If it is not possible to supply the figures as classified or defined in the tables, please try to adjust data as far as possible and describe the steps involved in notes to the table or on the facing pages.

Where figures are not yet available, provisional data or estimates, if possible, should be inserted and noted accordingly.

If a table can be completed only in part, please note in the appropriate section that the rest of the data are "not available".

If no figures at all are available, please indicate by writing across the space for reply "not yet available", "not tabulated" or "not collected", as the case may be.

In most cases, the data requested use the calendar year as the recording period. Where some other annual period, such as a fiscal year not corresponding to the calendar year, is used, this should be noted.

Statistics on such matters as criminal justice personnel, court actions and prison population should extend to all levels of government, that is, central government as well as national, state and local authorities.

Responses to the Sixth Survey as of 27 June 2001 are available in table format:

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Responses to the Sixth Survey are still being received by the Secretariat.

As of 27 June 2001, the following countries are included in the database.

As of 29 September 2000, the following countries are included in the database.

As of 15 March 2000, the following countries are included in the database.

Please note that the data are only partially validated. The data are presented in the form provided to the Secretariat by the responding governments. Errors may have been introduced in the data entry process. The Secretariat, with assistance from the European Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Control (HEUNI), affiliated with the United Nations and Instituto de Investigacion sobre el Delito y la Justicia para America Latina (IIDEJUAL) , is engaged in an ongoing validation process.

Corrigenda and comments from Countries

Erratum; Singapore, 10/15/2001
The value for Question 2.01 Grand total of recorded crimes for 1996 has erroneously been entered as 595,240. The correct value is 59,524. We regret this data entry error.

Comment; Singapore, 10/15/2001:
A representative of the Singapore Department of Statistics notes that Table 2 on Crime Recorded in Criminal (police) Statistics by Type of Crime computes Singapores's crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants using resident population figures as base:

"... Singapore's resident population refers to Singapore citizens and persons who have been granted permanent stay in Singapore only, excluding foreigners who are living or working in Singapore but have not been granted permanent residence.

The crime rate for Singapore should be computed based on the total population including foreigners living or working in Singapore. ?"

The table below shows Singapore's total population for 1990-2000.

Number ('000)
Number ('000)
Number ('000)

Historical data on Singapore's total population can also be obtained from the website at under the section on "Facts & Figures - Selected Historical Data".

Number of crimes recorded.

Sweden 12/02/2003
Entry 1.1 Total police personnel (as at 31 December) should read:
1995: 16752 (190 per 100,000 population)
1997: 16783 (190 per 100,000 population)