UNODC Open Data for Partnerships and Funding

UNODC is committed to provide our partners information on their contributions in a transparent manner. A new data-driven dashboard titled “UNODC Open Data for Partnerships and Funding” with interactive visualizations for an effective understanding of UNODC partner’s contributions allows to explore information on the voluntary contribution by funds types, thematic areas, geographical focus, and the connection with the Sustainable Development Goals. This is our first publicly accessible dashboard that provides up-to-date indicative financial information.

To get started, click on the image below and try searching for donors, projects or thematic areas in a subject area of your interest. We hope you will find UNODC Open Data for Partnerships and Funding useful and informative.

UNODC Open Data for Partnerships and Funding relies on your feedback in order to grow and improve.

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This site provides indicative financial information directly from the Umoja system, with 24-hour delay. For official financial information please refer to the respective Certified Financial Reports issued by UN Finance teams. For more information on Umoja, please refer to the Umoja public website at