The Tenth United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (Tenth CTS, 2005-2006)

Values and rates per 100,000 total population for selected CTS variables annotated with extended UNODC metadata

In line with its strategic objectives and as a step towards enhanced knowledge of thematic and cross-sectoral trends in crime statistics, UNODC has conducted a process of annotation of responses received with extended metadata for selected variables in the Tenth CTS.
Annotated statistics are available for:

Intentional homicide, completed

Intentional homicide, completed with firearm

Total recorded offences at the national level

UNODC will make further variables available in this format during the course of 2009.
(Non-annotated) values and rates per 100,000 total population for all CTS variables, reproduced as received, by country are also available upon free user registration here.

The process of annotation with extended UNODC metadata is described in full in the methodological description accompanying the annotated data. In brief, the process involved:

In addition to annotation of responses to CTS intentional homicide variables, UNODC also publishes 'international homicide statistics' (IHS). The IHS dataset provides intentional homicide data for 198 countries or territories and has been elaborated by UNODC from a number of sources, including data provided to the CTS and other national and cross-national criminal justice and public health sources. Access to the IHS dataset is available here.

Checks for consistency of data with responses provided to previous CTS waves

Checks for internal consistency of data within responses provided to different questions of the Tenth CTS

Checks for consistency of data with other known crime statistics sources (where available)

Annotation of CTS data was carried out by UNODC staff together with persons external to UNODC. UNODC gratefully acknowledges assistance provided by Roy Walmsley of the International Centre for Prison Studies, King's College (London) and Dr Stefan Harrendorf, Universität Göttingen.

The Tenth CTS annotated data for selected questions may be downloaded here:

Intentional homicide, completed, values and rates per 100,000 population. 2005-2006

Any queries relating to the annotated data from the Tenth CTS may be addressed to