A. General Works
B. Pethidine and Related Compounds
C. Methadone and related compounds
D. Morphinan and morphine synthesis
E. Dithienylbutenylamines and miscellaneous synthetics


Pages: 41 to 47
Creation Date: 1956/01/01



The Bulletin on Narcotics first published a bibliography on synthetic narcotic drugs in Volume III, No. 2, followed by another more comprehensive one in Volume VI, No. 2, and Volume VI, No. 3-4. It is felt, however, that the abundance of new material makes it worthwhile to publish at this time an additional bibliography on the same subject.

This bibliography has no claim to be complete, and information regarding books or articles not included in it would be gratefully received by the Division of Narcotic Drugs, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, European Office of the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. As before, this bibliography has been arranged by subject in the following way:

A. General works

B. Pethidine and related compounds

C. Methadone and related compounds

D. Morphinan and morphine synthesis

E. Dithienylbutenylamines and miscellaneous synthetics Under each heading, publications are arranged alphabetically by author. Owing to the nature of the sources available to the secretariat for preparing this bibliography, several titles are given in translation only. They are preceded by an asterisk.

A. General Works


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B. Pethidine and Related Compounds


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