Bulletin on Narcotics

Volume LI, Nos. 1 and 2, 1999

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Evolution of international drug control, 1945-1995
by I. Bayer and H. Ghodse

Alternative development: the modern thrust of supply-side policy
by D. Mansfield

Drugs, addiction, deviance and disease as social constructs
by K. Klaue

Drugs, alcohol and crime: patterns among Canadian federal inmates
by S. Brochu, L.-G. Cournoyer, L. Motiuk and K. Pernanen

Substance abuse among secondary-school students and its relationship with social coping and temperament
by G. Gerra, A. Zaimovic, O. Rizzi, M. Timpano, U. Zambelli and C. Ventimiglia

Drug characterization/impurity profiling, with special focus on methamphetamine: recent work of the United Nations International Drug Control Programme
by B. Remberg and A. H. Stead

Determination of loss on drying or consistency of opium samples using microwave ovens
by S. Banerjee, A. Agnihotri, G. Das, R. S. Chouhan and V. Harit