Bulletin on Narcotics

Volume LII, Nos. 1 and 2, 2000

Economic and social costs of substance abuse

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Introduction: improving economic data to inform decisions in drug control
by D. Collins, H. Lapsley, J. LeCavalier and E. Single

Economic evaluation of policies and programmes: further uses of estimates of the social costs of substance abuse
by D. Collins and H. Lapsley

The cost to employers of employee alcohol abuse: a review of the literature in the United States of America
by H. J. Harwood and M. B. Reichman

Attributable fractions for alcohol and illicit drugs in relation to crime in Canada: conceptualization, methods and internal consistency of estimates
by K. Pernanen, S. Brochu, M.-M. Cousineau, L.-G. Cournoyer and Fu Sun

Estimating the costs of substance abuse to state budgets in the United States of America
by S. E. Foster and D. Modi

Estimating the economic costs of drug abuse in Colombia
by A. Pérez-Gómez and E. Wilson-Caicedo

Illegal activities and the generation of value added: size, causes and measurement of shadow economies
by F. Schneider